An executive coach is someone who is able to help you bring out your best and achieve results.  Ideally, your coach should be able to help you understand your goals and what it will take to achieve those goals and then hold you accountable for doing the work to see your goals accomplished.  I believe this kind of coaching often touches on topics that cross the border between work and life so any client of mine should feel welcome to bring his or her authentic self to our sessions.  


Do you need a coach?  A better question might be: “Why wouldn’tyou need a coach?”  I like to compare the business professional’s need for coaching to that of an aspiring or accomplished professional athlete. Professional athletes who want to remain competitive or improve performance will work with one or more coaches to help them get better and achieve more; they need coaches who will challenge them. Why not for business people as well?  In the business world, a coach can help an individual discover his or her own strengths, identify barriers, clarify goals, and design action plans that move the individual to the next goal or set of goals.

Why Choose Tara?

As a coach, I differentiate myself by establishing an atmosphere of approachability and engagement. I believe that being a working parent, having led teams and managing large corporate budgets and bodies of work sets me apart from other coaches out there.  My experience in business and in life help me apply a common sense approach as well as a sense of humor to the challenges we all face in finding fulfillment in work and life.  I have built a career on seeing the forest and the most important trees and I can help you to distinguish and get to what’s most important for your success.  

What are the Possibilities? 

  • Want to define success for yourself and chart a course to achieve it? 
  • Achieved success but still want to do more?
  • Struggling to enjoy the work you are doing?
  • Like your work but want more life to go with it?
  • Wish you could enjoy time with your family more than you do today?