Do you need a coach?  A better question might be: “Why wouldn’t you need a coach?” 

Professional athletes work with coaches to help them get better and achieve more. They need coaches who will challenge them and encourage to perform at their best. Why not for business people as well?  In the business world, a coach can help you discover your strengths, identify barriers, clarify goals and design an action plan that will move you to the next level in your life and career. 


Executive coaching 

Are you a new executive? An executive with a new team? An executive ready for the next level? Or are you a leader that is not getting the results you want from your team and you don't know why? 

Executive coaching will help you: 

  • Master your presentation skills
  • Improve the ability to communicate at the executive level
  • Develop an inclusive approach to communication that allows maximum productivity and teamwork 
  • Defining work / life balance as an executive
  • Know and show the power of your personal brand



Are you early in your career, looking to progress to the next level? Is your next step to become a manager? Or are you already leading your first team? Are you a high-performing professional who isn't getting the promotion you deserve? 

Leadership coaching will help you: 

  • Improve your presence and presentation skills 
  • Develop an effective communication style
  • Learn to lead productive meetings 
  • Create a strategy to lean in authenticly 
  • Build your network 
  • Develop work / life balance 



Are you unsatisfied with your current career? Looking for the next opportunity? Need to improve your interview skills or build your job searching network? Career coaching is for you!

Career coaching will help you: 

  • Grow your network
  • Learn to run toward the job you want, instead of running from the job you hate 
  • Create a targeted approach to your job search
  • Build a customized strategy to get your next job
  • Design a time-management strategy for the job search 


Entrepreneur coaching

Are you a solopreneur? Entrepreneur? Are you having trouble focusing on everything you have to get done? Looking to take your side-hustle to full-time? Have no idea where to get started or who to talk to?  

Entrepreneur coaching will help you: 

  • Build your network 
  • Prioritize next steps 
  • Learn to transition from full-time employee in corporate America to entrepreneurship 
  • Develop a strategy to manage your time 
  • Create a vision for yourself and your company 
  • Gain tips and tricks from someone who has been there before
  • Incorporate boundaries for work / life balance 
  • Create your personal brand 


Transition coaching

Are you a thinking about a career change? Exploring a change? Thinking about entrepreneurship? Or are you a stay-at-home mom (or dad) transitioning back to work? A working parent with kids going to college? Are you someone who wants to change companies? Departments? Career paths?

Transition coaching will help you: 

  • Build a diverse network
  • Create your personal brand 
  • Help you connect your values with your career
  • Develop strategies for a work / life balance
  • Deal with the overwhelm 
  • Find support throughout this transition 
  • Maintain motivation in the face of adversity


Just-in-time coaching

Do you have a big interview coming up that you need to hit out of the park? Are you looking to gain some insight on how to handle pending salary negotiations? Do you have a mid-year or end of year review coming up? Are you interviewing but can't seem to get past that final round interview? 

Just-In-Time coaching will help you: 

  • Quickly get ready for that next big conversation
  • Gain confidence in your negotiation skills 
  • Prepare for those mid-year and end-of-year reviews 
  • Develop a strategy for a big presentation 
  • Create tactics for successful meeting facilitation
  • Assist with goal-setting and prioritization